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Services Available To Seniors In Alexandria

There is a wide range of services available to older adults in Alexandria, and some are not well known. As colder weather approaches and people are less able to be outdoors or have socially distanced visits with friends, services that ensure seniors remain engaged are especially valuable. About one such service you can read below.

Senior Services of Alexandria

As per, "This organization is well known in Alexandria, but it offers some services that people are not as familiar with. In addition to Meals on Wheels and transportation assistance, SSA offers Groceries to Go, a program that provides grocery shopping and delivery. They also offer Animeals on Wheels, a service that delivers free pet food to eligible participants. Pets are important sources of companionship and comfort, especially when quarantined, and this program helps older adults keep their pets. The Friendly Visitor Program carefully matches screened and trained volunteers with socially isolated seniors, ensuring that the volunteer and match have similar interests. The volunteers interact with their senior for an hour each week, providing important social time. For more information about any of these services, call 703-836- 4414 or visit"

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